4 Qualities of an Effective Claims Adjuster

4 Qualities of an Effective Claims Adjuster

People often wonder what being an effective claims adjuster entails. Unfortunately, there are no easy answers to a question like this because the position demands many habits or skills for success. You can develop these skills and practices over time as long as you have the ethics, drive, and commitment to do the best job possible. Anyone who wants to be an adjuster should always try to hone their skills. Some skills can be developed through industry training and experience, but others require personal effort and development. Regardless, the best public adjusters handling property claims in Central Florida will have the following qualities:

A will to succeed and determination

In many cases, a public adjuster will face situations that seem impossible to manage. Difficulties, including software bugs, impassable roadways, unresponsive clients, and language barriers, can be frustrating and defeating. This is particularly true in the case of a catastrophic event. Some adjusters give up and find another career choice, and others stay the course and face challenges head-on. An effective public adjuster will accept the challenge with a determination to handle any problems that arise successfully. It is essential for adjusters who want to pass the test of time to be proactive, confront challenges consistently, and persevere even in the face of chaos.

Engineering and construction knowledge

A public adjuster needs to be familiar with the structural makeup of any property they investigate. If they are unaware of what exists beyond the walls of a home, they will be unable to make a proper estimate of costs to repair it. An insurance adjuster’s job is to estimate compensation to a business owner, car owner, or homeowner to allow them to return their damaged property to its pre-loss condition. Understanding how a property is constructed, from the roof to the foundation, is critical for creating an accurate, fair representation of the damages and cost to repair or replace them. Fortunately, books, courses, and certifications can assist with this essential knowledge.

Policy knowledge

Insurance claims adjusting demands the ability to read and comprehend an insurance policy. But the real challenge is applying the limits of the policy within the confines of specific elements of an individual property loss claim. Being an excellent adjuster requires arts as much as science. Rules and formulas can guide adjusters through clear answers, but when they reach the gray areas, they must rely on experience, conscience, and intuition to make the best judgment. Policy knowledge cannot be learned overnight. Courses can help. Adjusting experience can help. Talking to industry leaders, superiors, and colleagues can help. But an adjuster must have the drive to power through this journey to be great at their job.


Public claims adjusters have significant power and freedom, meaning they have considerable responsibility. However, there will be temptations to abuse the position, including contractor kickbacks and bribes, so a great public adjuster needs vigilance to guard against even appearing unethical to be successful in the field. Word travels fast, and having a reputation for being dishonest will ruin an adjuster's career.

These are just a few qualities that a public adjuster needs to succeed. Contact us today for assistance with property claims in Central Florida. We are here to help you get back to a better place.

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