Being a victim of theft or vandalism is a very frustrating and unfortunate chain of events.

If you are a victim of theft or vandalism it is crucial that you file a report with the police to document any and all damages and/or losses. Insurance companies will want to see a copy of the police report and all the items documented so that a proper loss value can be made.

Theft and vandalism claims include damages to the property as a result of forced entry and/or damage done while the act was going on. We sadly see a lot of theft when a community experiences a natural disaster. After these disasters often people have to abandon their properties until it is safe to return. While these properties are vacant, they are at a major risk of looters which sometimes requires more than one claim to be made.

Why is documenting your stolen property important? Insurance companies need proof that you have ownership over the stolen items. There are many ways of showing ownership such as; credit card statements, receipts, video, insurance policy endorsements, or even pictures. The more documentation that you can provide the better chances one has at recovering the full amount of the stolen property.

Theft and Vandalism

As if theft wasn’t bad enough, vandalism can be equally as frustrating. There are many common acts of vandalism including smashing mailboxes, breaking windows, ruining lawns or trees, tampering with plumbing or electricity, spray painting buildings and many more malicious and cruel acts.

These cruel and intentional acts can cause many business owners to lose money and potential business as well. If there is damage to a HVAC unit, equipment for certain jobs, plumbing, companies can not do their jobs. Unfortunately we also see this a lot of vandalism in rental properties, sometimes tenants will destroy or damage property owned by the landlord for different reasons.

ULTRA works with the home and business owners to prepare estimates for the cost of restoration, along with contracting to do the work.

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