Summer time is the time of year when lightning can be the most destructive!

If your home or building has been hit directly by lightning, make sure you call 911 ASAP! You could have fire in the attic or in the walls that may not be visible at the time. Lightning presents three main hazards to a building if hit directly: fire damage, power surge damage, and shock wave damage.

Fire from lightning usually starts in the attic or the roof and quickly spreads throughout the rest of the home. There are many times that the fire starts or travels inside the enclosed spaces that may not be seen right away. Wood or others flammable materials in the building can easily ignite anywhere an exposed lightning channel comes in contact with them.

Power surges can come from a lightning strike and can send voltage rushing through the energy grid quickly and unfortunately there is no stopping it. These power surges can cause catastrophic damages to appliances, phone systems, electronics, electrical fixtures, and the electrical infrastructures of your home or business. Once the lightning travels through the pipes, it is going to need a place to exit. This is going to cause holes in the pipes which will then lead to leaking pipes in your walls.

Lightning Damage

Shock wave damage can also cause major damage to the structures of your home or building. Lightning is very powerful and can very easily fracture concrete, block, cinderblock, stone, and brick. A shock wave can also shatter windows, create cracks in the foundation, and damage walls.

Florida has the highest rate of lightning strikes in the world and is known as the lightning capital of the U.S. In 2018, there were about $909 million in lightning claims paid out to almost 78,000 policyholders.

The damage that lightning can cause may be far more significant than one thinks initially. If your building has been hit by lightning, ULTRA will do a complete investigation to determine all damages and what is necessary to restore the property. We are dedicated to making sure that our that our clients get their home or business back to its pre-loss condition.

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