A fire can be one of the most traumatic and devastating experiences that a home or business owner can go through.

ULTRA has a team of professionals that specialize in fire restoration who can evaluate the scope of damage, as well as determine the cost necessary to restore the property to pre-loss condition.

It is important that fire restoration be performed by a skilled professional with a great deal of experience. After a fire, there are burned areas along with soot, water damage, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and odor problems that can be spread throughout the home or building. Treating these problems in a timely manner makes it easier for the restoration process to start. Failure to do so can result in further hidden damages caused by the fire. These damages include the potential for mold caused by the water used to put out the fire, smoke and/or ash remnants that can diminish the quality of the air, and damage to the air ducts. Also, depending on what is burning, there may be many harmful chemicals that can be inhaled, or latched onto the walls, clothing, and furniture. This makes the initial clean-up process extremely important and should be done professionally.

Fire and Smoke Damage

On all jobs, ULTRA provides skilled professionals to perform the work. We start with any temporary repairs as needed such as water extraction, dry-in or boarding up the doors and windows. Once secure, we begin a complete demolition process and remove all damaged material along with the initial cleaning. Next, we start the odor control process which may include detoxification, thermal fogging and seal coating as necessary to make sure all odors from the fire loss have been contained.

While the demolition and initial cleaning process are being completed our team is working with architects and engineers to provide the necessary plans for pulling the proper permits to rebuild the damaged areas. After the permits are pulled we begin the rebuilding process working closely with our clients giving them the opportunity to pick out the colors and products they want us to replace along with any additional changes they would like to make.

Rebuilding from a fire loss can be very difficult and should be performed by professionals who specialize in that type of work. ULTRA has completed hundreds of fire losses to the complete satisfaction with our clients from the demolition and odor control to the complete rebuilding of the damaged property.

Hopefully you will never experience a fire loss, but if you, the Ultra team can work with you to restore your property to pre-loss condition.

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