ULTRA has been actively involved with many large projects where roofing areas have collapsed.

This is usually caused from heavy rains and the roof did not have proper run off causing an overload to the framing, which collapses from the weight of the water.

What is a collapse? Collapse means an abrupt falling down or caving in of a building or any part of a building with the result that the building, or part of the building, cannot be occupied for its intended purpose. The collapse of a roof, building, or home can cause significant damages and loses not only to the structures, but to the contents inside.

There are a few warning signs that the roof or ceiling is under stress and about to collapse.

These warning signs include: visual cracking and/or blisters or circles on the ceiling, a loud cracking sound in the ceiling, sagging or dropping of the plasterboard sheeting, or even doors or windows that may be hard to open or close. If you suspect that your roof may be collapsing it is crucial that you contact a professional right away to prevent a disaster from happening.

Collapse Building

It is important to discover the full extent of any loss that may have occurred no matter what sort of collapse damage you may be dealing with. Insurance companies can make filing a claim very difficult for the policy holder. At ULTRA, our adjusters are professional trained in dealing with insurance companies and the presenting the correct verbiage to guarantee coverage.

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