4 Types of Property Damage that is Reported in Vandalism Cases

4 Types of Property Damage that is Reported in Vandalism Cases

If your property has been vandalized and you want to know the different types of damage caused by vandalism, you've come to the right place. We know it is a tough time when your property is damaged due to vandalism. The most challenging task is to claim insurance for property claims in Orlando with your insurance company. This is especially true if you are unsure whether or not your insurance covers the vandalism. We are here to help you discover some kinds of vandalism that can happen to your property.

What is vandalism in insurance?

Vandalism is a type of damage that can damage property or change its structure. Vandalism on a property could be smashing a window, installing a fence, or installing a security alarm in your home. This type of damage is also called "peril," which means your property suffers a monetary loss. It is essential to keep in mind that vandalism on the property is just for your home; you can claim your car. For this, you can apply for auto insurance coverage.

Broken Glass

This is a common type of vandalism that can cause damage to windows, bricks, and fences. Many homeowners suffer vandalism damage, especially when protests in your country and vandals are violent. They can damage your property, but your insurance company will cover it.


Your property could also be damaged due to graffiti. Although graffiti is ubiquitous on billboards, highways, and streets, sometimes, the vandals can leave their marks on the walls of your property in the form of graffiti, which comes with vandalism damage. It is a common problem that is also difficult to resolve. The insurance company also covers graffiti and provides financial assistance to remove it.

Fire Damage (Arson)

Vandalism is often associated with fire damage, and many homeowners have reported this problem. Arson may cause damage to your property. The property could be damaged by someone especially targeting your home, or it could result from random arson. But it is one of the most expensive vandalisms paid for by insurance companies.

If your property is exposed to arson, you can call your insurance company. The money will not only provide financial assistance but also fix the damage and provide a place for your family to live. You can also hire a public adjuster to file the claim smoothly.

Water Damage

Another common type of vandalism is water damage. Pipes may burst and cause damage to your property. In such a case, you can hire your property adjuster and file a claim for the property.

It is challenging to deal with vandalism, and it is also expensive to repair it. If your property is exposed to vandalism, then it is expected that you will feel insecure. But homeowner's insurance is here to cover the damage of vandalism. The insurance company can help you and your family in such a difficult time. So, if your property has been vandalized or is currently facing vandalism, you should contact your homeowner's insurance company and file property claims in Orlando today.

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