5 Tips for Protecting Your Home from an Electrical Fire

5 Tips for Protecting Your Home from an Electrical Fire

Studies show that electrical issues cause around 51,000 fires per year in the United States. Unfortunately, they also cause more than 1.3 billion dollars in damages, 1,400 injuries, and an average of 500 deaths. The risk of an electrical fire is real, so it is essential to know how to avoid them. Our public insurance claims adjuster in Orlando, FL, offers the following tips for protecting your home from electrical fires:

Update your electrical system

If you live in an older residence with aluminum or knob-and-tube wiring, your home is at an increased risk of overheating than a newer home. Consider upgrading the electrical system in your home to include more modern wiring options. An experienced electrician can take care of this for you in no time. This is the best way to reduce the risk of an electrical fire and keep your home safe.

Follow appliance instructions

Most people do not bother reading their toaster or microwave instruction manuals. Still, it is a great idea to do so to understand directions and warnings designed to prevent malfunction and electrical fires. In addition, you can register new appliances to get recalls, updates, and other essential product information in many cases. Understanding your appliances is a great way to avoid an electrical fire in your home.

Get rid of devices with damaged cords

It is never safe to use anything with a damaged electrical cord. No matter how the cable was damaged, it is better to dispose of it than use it. If you want to keep it, you may be able to have it repaired for safe use. Avoiding the use of damaged cords is an excellent way to prevent the possibility of an electrical fire that could potentially burn down your house, destroy your belongings, or end your life.

Use grounded power cords

Grounded power cords are the ones that have the third prong. The third prong serves a fundamental purpose: It protects your appliances and home during a power surge. Have an electrician inspect your home’s electrical system to see if you can easily update it if your home only has two-prong outlets. Using grounded cords and having updated outlets will protect you, your family, and your pets from the dangers associated with electrical fires.

Unplug your appliances when they are not in use

Some of the top causes of electrical fires in the home are heat-generating appliances. They can malfunction or burst into flames when they are left on for extended periods. This risk makes it critical for you to unplug curling irons, heaters, irons, electric kettles, and similar heat-producing appliances when you are not using them. This can protect your home, your family, and your neighbors from the risk of damage, injury, or death in case of an electrical fire.

Follow these safety tips to help prevent the risk of an electrical fire in your home. And, if you are the victim of an electrical fire and need assistance, call our public insurance claims adjuster in Orlando, FL. We are here for you!

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