8 Tips for Protecting Your Home from Fire Damage

8 Tips for Protecting Your Home from Fire Damage

Fire is very unpredictable. It offers us warmth and cooks food to nourish us but is also hazardous when misused. It is dangerous and unpredictable when burning through wildlands and forests. Our experts on property claims in Orlando, FL, offer the following tips for keeping your home safe from fires.

Protect the roof

There are four different fire resistance roof classifications to choose from. Class A can withstand extreme fire exposure and is a top choice for property owners in urban interface and wildland areas. The materials used for class A roofs include metal, fiber-cement products, slate, brick, clay or concrete tiles, and asphalt fiberglass composition shingles. Class B is a step-down and can handle moderate fire exposure, and class C roofing only protects against light flames. The most vulnerable roofing materials are not fire-retardant at all.

Inspect your chimney

When you evaluate your roofing, you should also inspect your chimney. Your chimney filters out smoke from your home when using your fireplace. Therefore, it should be cleaned and inspected annually and outfitted with spark arresters for optimal protection. Also, consider keeping chimney extinguishing products on hand in case of emergency.

Prune your shrubs

Do not avoid landscaping maintenance. Pine needles, leaves, fallen branches, and overgrown bushes and trees could threaten your home and others nearby.

Properly dispose of trash

Make sure that you appropriately dispose of any yard debris. It should be placed in a separate bin or bag, and you should avoid throwing any flammable products in the container. You should also fully extinguish fireplace ashes, candles, cigarettes, and matches before throwing them away.

Be mindful outside

Keep your vehicle maintained with a clean exhaust system and no metal parts dragging from underneath. Keep a fire extinguisher in your car, and never drive off the road in tall grassy areas. Never throw a lit cigarette or match.


It can be beneficial to develop good relationships with your neighbors so you can discuss worrisome excess debris. Experts recommend 100 feet of defensible space, at minimum, around homes on flat ground for optimal fire protection. So you and your neighbors should do your best to keep this space free of debris to avoid fire danger.

Upgrade windows

Glass can fracture and collapse due to excessive heat, and plastic screens are susceptible to melting. Metal screens and double-paned windows featuring tempered glass offer optimal fie protection. If you want to decorate your home safely, consider fire-resistant window treatments.

Effective communication

As soon as you notice anything suspicious or dangerous, you should report it, whether it is people not practicing optimal fire safety or flammable debris. Call 911 immediately if you start a fire that you cannot contain independently. Effective communication with emergency officials will help you and others remain safe.

Practice these tips to protect your home from fire damage. Then, if you experience a fire and need assistance from a public insurance adjuster, contact us today for property claims in Orlando, FL. We are here to make your life easier.

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