Five Questions to Expect from Your Insurer When You File a Claim

Five Questions to Expect from Your Insurer When You File a Claim

Bearing homeowners insurance seems rather straightforward. You encounter unforeseen damage or loss to your property, file a claim, and obtain compensation to cover your losses. If only it were so easy!

Many insurers do their best to evade paying out claims. After all, it is in their best interest to refuse your claim or drastically underpay what you are entitled to according to your insurance policy.

To ensure your claim is taken seriously and you obtain the maximum payout to recuperate after a loss, you need to be ready! Our loss adjusters who handle property claims in Central Florida share some of the questions you can anticipate when you file an insurance claim. To be more prepared for your discussion with an insurance company rep, it is essential to be knowledgeable about some of the questions they will ask you. The more ready you are and with the right answers, the more likely you are to be in a suitable position to receive your best settlement. Remember, if you file a claim with us, our local public adjusters will address all the questions on your behalf.

What happened?

Be sure you can explain the circumstances of the damage or loss and demonstrate how it is covered through your policy. This will guarantee you obtain payment.

What was damaged?

Provide a complete inventory of all damaged property to make the claims process flow more smoothly.

What is the value of your damaged property?

Always provide receipts, pictures, and contractor estimates to help specify the true value of your loss or damages.

Has anything changed since the damage occurred?

Make sure to record, by video or photos, all the impaired property as it existed directly after the damage or loss to help an adjuster see the damage if you had to make emergency restorations before they could visit the property.

Do you need temporary living arrangements because of the damage?

Your insurance policy might cover some of the expenses of temporary living arrangements if the impairment or loss from your residence makes it uninhabitable. Understand your policy's limitations and save receipts to demonstrate your actual costs.

The Significance of a Public Adjuster

Filing a claim with your insurer can be challenging; sadly, claims are frequently denied or underpaid. In addition, your insurance company can use many methods to hold your comments or lack of documentation against you.

Unlike an insurance company adjuster, a public claims adjuster, like our expert on property claims in Central Florida, is there to represent your best interest. Our public adjusters understand your rights with insurance claims and strive to attain a fair settlement.

When you file or fight a property loss claim, you must have an experienced public adjuster because our knowledgeable and experienced professionals work with property insurance firms daily. As a result, we make certain you are not taken advantage of. Our claims experts also ready you for any questions you may be asked, help you specify the true value of the loss, and work with your insurer on your behalf.

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