Five Steps to Make the Property Claims Process Smooth and Fast

Five Steps to Make the Property Claims Process Smooth and Fast

Has your home or property recently been damaged or burglarized? Insurance policies often protect home and business owners from accidents, crimes, and weather damage to their property, but you want to move quickly to file your claims. These are a few things you need to do quickly to ensure the insurance claims process moves smoothly.

Minimize Damages and Losses

After the hurricane has left your area and you have determined that your property is safe, you should take the steps to minimize any further damages to your home.  If you can, remove any electronics or expensive furniture from the home so that it does not get damaged by flooding.  Board up any broken windows or doors to prevent theft or looting.  When you show that you have taken the steps to minimize the damage, your insurance company will look at this favorably.

Document Any Losses and Damages

Filing an insurance claim means that you will want to provide as much evidence and documentation as you possibly can.  As soon as the hurricane leaves your area, you should start taking pictures and collecting evidence of any losses or property damages.  If you have pictures of before the storm, you can place the “before” and “after” pictures side-by-side to show the insurance company what needs to be done to restore your home.

Collect Receipts

If you have losses to your belongings, furniture, valuables, and household items, you will also want to show proof of purchase.  If you can find the receipts for large purchases, you will have the benefit of getting the insurance compensation to replace these items.  Consider keeping all items in a water- and fire-resistant container so that you have access to them in case this happens to you.

Reach Out to Your Insurance Provider

You will not want to wait long to contact your insurance company and begin the insurance claims process.  When a severe storm rolls through your area, you can expect that they will be inundated by phone calls of other property claims.  In order to stay at the top of the list for repairs and replacements, you will want to get this process started as soon as possible.  Also, the longer you wait, the more money you may lose in your settlement.

File Your Claim

To move quickly with your claim, you want to be on top of the paperwork required to actually file the claim. Talk with your insurance provider to secure all the necessary paperwork and move quickly to complete and file it with the appropriate team. If you want advocacy with your claims process, consider hiring your own public insurance claims adjuster in Orlando, FL. We ensure that your claim process is done fairly and quickly.

These are a few of the most basic steps you need to take when your home or property is damaged by unforeseen circumstances. Although you may not be fully prepared to tackle these issues, you can understand how to move forward and get the compensation you need to restore your home and replace your losses.

If you have suffered damages from a storm, weather, water, or fire, contact our public insurance claims adjuster in Orlando, FL to hear how we can help you today.

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