Five Traits of a Great Public Claims Adjuster in Orlando, FL

Five Traits of a Great Public Claims Adjuster in Orlando, FL

Are you looking to hire your own insurance adjuster for your property claims? Although your insurance company will send out their adjuster to examine and evaluate the cost of damages of your home or business, you may want your own representation. By hiring an insurance adjuster for yourself, you can trust that you have the advocacy and educated individual you need on your team. These are a few qualities that you should look for when hiring an claims adjuster to work on your property claim.


When you hire an insurance adjuster, they will work for you, not your insurance company. You expect them to have the knowledge of how to assess and estimate property damage, and work well with others.  By choosing a knowledgeable insurance adjuster, you will be positioned much better to have a higher and more fair settlement than if you trust the adjusters used by your insurance company. 


When you select an adjuster that has experience with your particular type of claim, you can position yourself for a better outcome.  Choose those who specialize in your specific property damage so that you are in the best position possible for your situation.  They will be more familiar with making appropriate and fair estimates, working with the right contractors, and other tips that will help your process move smoothly.

Great Communicators

Many policyholders do not understand the jargon of the insurance business, which can lead them to accept lower offers than they need.  Because these processes can be difficult and time-consuming, you want to trust that your adjuster will keep you in the loop.  To do this, they must be great communicators.  Because they will also be working with your insurance company, potential insurance contractors, repairmen, and anyone else involved in the process, they also need to be able to juggle communication with all partiers to keep the process moving along smoothly.


Insurance claims processes may seem like they take forever because they can be mentally draining and require constant paperwork and evidence submissions.  However, working with a timely and efficient insurance adjuster can make all the difference.  To settle your claim faster, you need to rely on professionals that can work efficiently and meet all the deadlines with your insurance company.

Negotiation Skills

When you partner with a public claims adjuster in Orlando, FL, you trust that they will be able to fight for the compensation that you deserve. They should understand the ins and outs of the property claims process, but they should also know how to defend you when the settlement offer is lower than you deserve. You trust that they know what to do, what to say, and how to defend you to get you the compensation you need to cover repairs and renovations.

When you choose an insurance adjuster that has these qualities, you can trust that you have the right advocate on your team. If you are looking for quality, experienced public claims adjuster in Orlando, FL, trust the team at Ultra Property Damage today. 

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