Four Secrets Your Insurance Company Doesn't Want You to Know

Four Secrets Your Insurance Company Doesn't Want You to Know

An average policyholder has minimal experience filing major property claims in Orlando, FL. This fact can quickly be taken advantage of by your insurance company. Insurers often try to slip things by a naïve policyholder. Our public claims adjuster reveals these secrets your insurer does not want you to know.

Insurance companies do not want you to hire representation

This one is probably pretty obvious, but the last thing your insurer wants you to do is to hire an attorney or public adjuster. Public adjusters negotiate with insurance companies on behalf of their clients, negotiating better settlements and pushing for higher dollar amounts. It is in your insurer's best interest to get a claim closed as fast as possible while paying the lowest possible amount of money required by law to settle a claim. They don't want you hiring an attorney or public adjuster because it usually leads to them having to pay you much more than they hoped to pay you.

Independent adjusters do not work in your best interest

Three different adjuster types may work on your property loss claim.

Public Adjuster: A public claims adjuster is hired by a policyholder to represent their best interests.

Independent Adjuster: An independent adjuster is hired by your insurer for some instances, like when there is a disagreement. Your insurance company pays the independent adjuster on a per-claim basis, so they are not full-time employees.

Company Adjuster: A company adjuster is an employee of your insurance company assigned to handle claims.

When talking with your insurer, they may describe the independent claims adjuster as "your friend" or "being on your side." In all reality, though, an independent adjuster is a contractor paid by your insurer. Their primary job is to protect the best interest of your insurance company. So never be tricked into thinking an independent adjuster is on your side.

Your insurer does not want your claim to go to court

Like any skilled negotiator, your insurer will act like they are willing to go to court. If you have a dispute, they may act like they are okay with allowing the case to go to court. In reality, though, your insurer does not want the case to go in front of the courts. It is always in their best interest to settle with you outside of the courtroom. Never be tricked into believing your insurer is happy to go to court. This is a negotiation tactic, much like other strategies they use.

Insurers spend millions of dollars annually on politicians and lobbying

Nobody appreciates being sued, even your insurance carrier. This is why insurers spend millions of dollars on politicians and lobbyists. Their goal is to limit policyholders' right to sue insurers who act in bad faith. Some states have laws to prevent policyholders from suing their insurance companies. So, even if your insurer acts in bad faith, you have a limited course of action for getting the payment you deserve. Insurers In these states are fully aware of their advantage and are not afraid to use it against you.

These are just some secrets your insurance company does not want you to know. Contact us today for assistance from a public claims adjuster for property claims in Orlando, FL. We are here for you!

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