Four Tips for Handling a Denied Property Loss Claim

Four Tips for Handling a Denied Property Loss Claim

Accidents happen unexpectedly. Most people understand the unpredictable nature of natural disasters and catastrophes, so they know that a good insurance policy is necessary. The right policy can protect you, your property, and your family against unexpected losses. Unfortunately, having auto, home, or health insurance is not a guaranteed solution in the event of a catastrophe. In many cases, insurers will do the best they can to pay out as little as possible to keep their profits moving on an upward trend, even when it comes at the expense of policyholders they are supposed to protect. However, there are usually options for anyone who has filed a claim and been denied a fair settlement. Our public insurance claims adjuster in Orlando, FL, offers these things you can do to handle your denied claim.

Review your policy

The first step to handling a denied claim is to find out why it was denied. Look through the policy carefully and note any language that pertains to your specific situation. You also need to write down any ambiguous or unclear policy language to confirm what it actually means. Your insurance company must give you reasons, and clarification involving the amount of coverage denied or approved in your claim. It is critical to carefully review this explanation and keep a copy close by for easy reference in the future.

Check your initial claim

Review a copy of the initial claim, and be sure you provided all of the relevant and necessary information. In addition, all of the information should be accurate. If your insurer discovers that you are providing false information or withholding information, it can be used as a reason to deny the claim.

File an appeal

You will likely want to file an appeal if you are confident that your claim should be covered under your policy terms. Always take note of appeal deadlines so you do not miss your opportunity to receive the money you rightfully deserve. Your appeal letter should be well researched and professionally drafted. You might want to seek the advice of relevant professionals (such as a doctor) and have them draft a letter on your behalf too. It is also wise to have a third party look over the letter to ensure that your case is comprehensively and fairly stated and includes sound reasoning.

Hire a public insurance claims adjuster in Orlando, FL

It is wise to hire a public adjuster before you ever file a claim in the first place, but many policyholders think their claim will be solved fairly and quickly by their insurer. While hiring a public adjuster from the beginning is a great way to expedite the process and make favorable results more likely, it is never too late to hire a public adjuster, even if your initial claim was denied. Public adjusters are experienced with the system and the loopholes that insurers use to avoid paying on claims. Moreover, they do not expect payment until the claim has been resolved. The best public insurance claims adjuster in Orlando, FL, will evaluate your situation and policy to guide you in the best way to proceed, so you receive the compensation you deserve.

Follow these tips for managing a denied property loss claim. And call us today for a free consultation. We are here for you!


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