How to Handle an Insurance Company Claim Denial

How to Handle an Insurance Company Claim Denial

Your insurance claim was denied, and now you are wondering what you can do. While reopening rejected claims differs from state to state, luckily, you can reopen your claim for up to five years in Florida.

Reopening a rejected claim can be frustrating and time-consuming and might not always end in an authorized claim. Still, the opportunity is there to reopen. Our public claims adjuster in Central Florida will work with your insurance company to ensure you receive a proper appeal and the most suitable payout after a rejected loss claim.

Reopening Your Denied Claim

As a policyholder, if you want to reopen a denied claim, you might wonder what steps you need to take. This process is best started by contacting a public adjuster to work directly with the insurance company. They will contact your insurer to reopen your rejected claim.

The public adjuster will review your initial claim records and insurance policy. Then, they will examine any assessments the insurance company offered you and a description of all the restorations that were accomplished or still need completing. Once they decide you have adequate reason to move ahead, our public adjuster will reach your insurance company, and they will need to re-inspect the damages.

Going forward, remember that insurers will dissect your claim more than they did the first time, so it is vital to have a public claims adjuster on your side to help steer the denial claim process.

Remember, public adjusters work for you, not your insurance company! Our objective is to help you get fairness for a rejected insurance claim. So submit your claim today and let us handle the rest.

You've Reopened Your Loss Claim. Now What?

In Florida, homeowners that reopen property insurance claims are asked by their insurer to enter Florida State-Sponsored Mediation. During the mediation process, you will not be offered representation for meeting with the insurance company rep and mediator who facilitates the process. If your claim is of high dollar significance, you may undergo an Appraisal process where your insurer hires an appraiser to review documents and damage to examine the differences and costs.

Going through this detailed and dissecting process alone with your insurer, who is not on your side, is harsh. Our adjusters will help you be more relaxed and in control during the proceedings and ensure your successful claim.

After Denial, Let Us Do the Work

An insurance claim rejection can be stressful and devastating, particularly if you are desperately pursuing the capital to move ahead with house repairs following a storm or flood. Our public claims adjuster in Central Florida specializes in reopening loss claims and will operate on your behalf to discover exactly why your claim was rejected. Then, we will advise you on what measures to take next to regain the costs of your damages.

Whether you just got a denial or have one within the past five years and aren't sure how to proceed, call us or submit your claim online now. We never stop working to make your property whole again. So rely on us to bring justice to your denied loss insurance claim!

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