Insurance Claims Settlement: Attorney VS Public Adjuster

Insurance Claims Settlement: Attorney VS Public Adjuster

Some property owners choose to hire an attorney when they are dealing with a complicated property loss claim. In contrast, others prefer to hire a public insurance claims adjuster in Orlando, FL. It can be challenging to determine which option is better for your particular case and which would give you a more significant advantage.

How a public adjuster can help

Most people have little knowledge of what a public adjuster does and how they can assist in a property loss claim. A public claims adjuster works to assess your property damage, analyze your insurance policy, and negotiate with your carrier to ensure the best possible settlement according to policy limits. Some of their specific duties include:

  1. Analyzing your claim and assessing your property damage
  2. Quantifying your damages and the monetary value of your property damage claim
  3. Creating estimates of the damages involved and needed repairs
  4. Helping the insured make a claim to their insurance
  5. Presenting the claim to the insurer and negotiating on the policyholder's behalf

Usually, property owners hire a public claims adjuster when they want to get the best possible settlement from the insurance company. Policyholders often hire public adjusters after their insurer shocks them with a lowball settlement offer. A public adjuster can prepare the claim to ensure the best possible chance at success.

How an attorney can help

Policyholders usually hire attorneys for more expensive and complicated claims. You may decide to hire a lawyer when your insurer denies the claim entirely. In most cases, attorneys work together with adjusters, so policyholders often get the best service possible by hiring both professionals to represent them. Just keep in mind that most attorneys have no interest in minor property damage claim issues. Unless there is a considerable amount of money involved with your claim, you may have difficulty finding a lawyer to take the case. Luckily, most lawyers offer free consultations to determine whether you will benefit from their representation.

Hire a public adjuster first, then hire a lawyer if there is a problem

In the end, you should usually seek the assistance of a public adjuster first. They can walk you through the claims process and fight for fair compensation based on your policy limits. Then, if you are happy with the outcome your public adjuster negotiates, you never have to hire a lawyer. You can accept the offer and move on with your life. However, if you are not happy with the final outcome, you still have the option to hire a lawyer. If your insurer denies your claim entirely or negotiations have come to a halt, hiring an attorney may help. Your lawyer can review the case and determine the best way to move forward. There are times when legal intervention is essential, but other times it is entirely unnecessary.

Public insurance claims adjusters in Orlando, FL, are experienced and talented industry professionals. They should be your first line of defense in property damage claims. Contact us today for your free consultation. We are here to help!

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