Knowing When to Hire a Public Claims Adjuster

Knowing When to Hire a Public Claims Adjuster

Dealing with an insurance company regarding a property loss claim is usually stressful. Most claims filed through an insurer are processed by insurance adjusters who work for the insurance company, but another option may be beneficial. Many people who file insurance claims prefer the assistance of a public insurance claims adjuster in Orlando, FL. Our experts in the industry want to better educate you on the process of property damage claims and how a public adjuster might benefit you.

Claims adjusters at a glance

An insurance company adjuster is tasked with investigating home and car insurance claims to determine whether an insurer is required to cover a property loss claim. Your insurer will assign an independent or staff adjuster to your claim to investigate the extent of the damages you have suffered and how much money the company should reimburse you for losses. The adjuster will conduct personal interviews with anyone involved with the event, including witnesses, you, and any other individuals involved while gathering evidence and inspecting records and documentation. Once this investigation is complete, the adjuster can verify the property loss claim and determine the amount of money your insurance company is responsible for paying toward the replacement or repair of your damaged property.

There are three distinct types of claims adjusters that may be involved with a property loss claim:

  1. Staff adjusters work for an insurance company directly as employees.
  2. Independent adjusters are contracted by insurers for high-volume claims situations like tornadoes and hurricanes or in remote locations where they do not have offices to use staff adjusters conveniently.
  3. Public adjusters are employed by a policyholder and are not affiliated with an insurance company.


It is essential to remember that staff and independent adjusters are agents of the insurance company they represent. They are trained to work in favor of an insurer to pay out the lowest claim settlement possible under the limitations of an insurance policy.

Reasons for hiring a public adjuster

Staff adjusters settle most property loss claims, but independent adjusters can be called in during unique situations. Again, these adjusters work in favor of the insurer they represent. If you have a particularly large or complicated property loss claim, you need professional assistance navigating the claims process, or you disagree with the settlement offer presented to you, you will likely benefit from hiring a public adjuster to represent your interests.

A public insurance claims adjuster in Orlando, FL, has the experience and expertise to navigate complicated insurance paperwork, provide ample proof of loss to your insurer, negotiate on your behalf, and help you get a settlement offer that covers the value of the loss you experienced. However, there are situations where hiring a public adjuster does not make sense. For example, if your claim exceeds the coverage provided in your insurance policy, you would lose money for repairs and replacement by paying a public adjuster a portion of your settlement. In addition, if a claim is simple, there is usually no need to involve a third party in negotiations.

Navigating the insurance claims process can be complicated when you have suffered an extensive loss. If you need professional representation at any point in the claims process, contact us for a free consultation to see how we can help.

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