Mistakes to Avoid when filing Storm Damage Claims

Mistakes to Avoid when filing Storm Damage Claims

Owning property in Florida has many benefits (hello, endless Summer). But with the bonus of warmth and water, we can also encounter more than our share of hurricanes and storms. Natural catastrophes can hit at any time—and when they do, you need to be ready to take the proper steps to mitigate storm damage and file an insurance claim for needed repairs.

Here are some common errors made when filing claims for storm damage and how to avoid having your storm damage claim rejected, deferred, or underpaid by your insurer:

Postponing filing your claim

The most common and expensive mistake you can make when filing a claim for storm damage is not filing the claim(s) punctually. Even when your policy states you have more time, don't wait—this only gives your insurer more chance to underestimate or reject your claim! Remember, damage doesn't improve with time. The faster you file your claim, the quicker repairs can be started, and you can settle your claim.

Neglecting documentation

Document EVERYTHING! Record your belongings and possessions before damage happens and directly after. Recording the damage that has transpired through a before and after method delivers more influence on your insurance claim.

Failure to preserve your property

Insurance covers unexpected damage, not damage that you could have prevented. For example, your insurer may not pay your claim when you neglect or fail to preserve your property. Carriers also may deny damage that cannot be confirmed as induced by a specific storm.

Sadly, claims filed due to neglect are often rejected. Insurance will argue that the damage sustained was not caused by the storm but by your failure to preserve your property.

For instance, your roof is aging and already leaking. However, you fail to repair it, and a storm happens, causing damage. The insurance carrier will probably try to deny your claim, stating you did not prevent damages and the leak would not have occurred during the storm if you had.

Taking the first settlement proposed

Never take the first offer you obtain from your insurer. Why? It might seem like the clear choice, as you require the money to pay for restorations and are likely exhausted from negotiating with your insurance. You hope to move on.

This can be a substantial financial mistake. Although it may look like a suitable offer upfront, it's most likely substantially less than what your total storm damages are worth. But how do you bargain for more money? Hire a public insurance claims adjuster in Orlando, FL.

Not employing a public adjuster

Engaging a public adjuster can lead to a payout on average of almost four times more than without one. Our job is to get you the total amount that you are entitled to from your property loss claim. We negotiate directly with the insurance carrier and manage the entire claims process, relieving that burden from you. With our background and understanding of how policies are composed, we will get you the funds you deserve!

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