My Insurance Claim Was Denied. Now What?

My Insurance Claim Was Denied. Now What?

No one asks for their home to be damaged during storms, times of inclement weather, or natural disasters. However, when windstorms, rainstorms, or hurricanes come through your area, they can leave your home destroyed and your property damaged. If you have an insurance policy, you are likely protected – and entitled to compensation. As an expert public claims adjuster in Orlando, FL, we offer advocacy to our clients when working through a tough insurance claims process. If your claim was denied, you may still have a case. These are a few things you can do when your insurance claim is denied.

Take a Closer Look at Your Coverages

Take the time to review each term of your insurance policy.  Familiarize yourself with all of the coverages so that you understand each aspect of your policy.  When reading the policy, you may find out that the damages you have suffered are not truly covered by the terms of your policy.  However, if you do not find that information, you will likely have a case.

Review the Denial Letter

After reading the insurance policy, you also need to spend time reviewing the denial letter sent by your insurance company.  It should outline the reasons for the denial, which can provide you with some clarity for what occurred.  If you are still confused after reading the letter, you will want to speak with a representative from their company to receive clarity. 

Collect as Much Evidence as You Can

To prepare for an appeal, be thorough in your collection of any receipts, picture, evidence, and other documents that can support your case.  Take your time to collect everything and organize it so that you are ready when the insurance claim process restarts.

Appeal the Denial

Appealing the denial will bring the matter to your insurance company and alert them that you believe you still have a case.  After the appeal, they will look at all the evidence and documentation you’ve provided, and things will move forward from there.

Hire a Public Claims Adjuster in Orlando, FL

One of the best things you can do to prepare yourself for the appeal is to work with a professional public adjuster.  These individuals can increase your changes that the denial will be overturned.  They have the expertise to inform you of your rights as a policyholder and homeowner, and they can help you fully understand the terms of the denial and the insurance policy.  When you are going through this process, you will want a skilled advocate by your side to keep you informed and empowered to fight this battle.

These are just a few ways that you can work with your insurance company to appeal the claims denial and move forward to get the compensation you deserve. When your home is damaged and you have the insurance policy to cover the repairs, you are entitled to fight for them.

If you are ready to hire a professional to help you with your claim denial, trust our team of qualified and experienced adjusters. To hear more about how we can help you with your claim, contact us today!

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