Property Loss Claims a Public Adjuster Handles

Property Loss Claims a Public Adjuster Handles

Public insurance claims adjusters are trained to manage various property claims in central Florida.

Water damage claims

Consumers expect their insurance companies to reimburse them for water damage to their property. Sadly, most insurers do everything in their power to avoid paying out claims like this entirely. Instead, they look for loopholes and reasons to deny coverage or keep final settlements as low as possible. This makes it critical to seek the advice of a public adjuster for water damage claims. They can help you get the best benefit possible based on the limitations of your specific policy. In addition, they are skilled negotiators who are talented at attaining the highest possible settlement for your property loss claim.

Fire and smoke damage claims

Families and businesses are easily devastated by the damages during a fire. The stress and confusion caused by a fire can make it extremely complicated to navigate your claim independently. Even worse, many short-term decisions regarding restoration contracts can make it challenging to receive fair compensation for the claim if you are not careful. Seeking the advice of a public adjuster can take plenty of stress out of the process and lead to a much better settlement for restoring your losses. In addition, they will handle the bulk of the process for you, so you are free to manage your life.

Public adjusters know how to best evaluate the scope of property loss and smoke damage caused by a fire. They have the expertise to determine the extent of damage to your personal belongings and your home’s structural integrity. They will be able to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the impact the fire has made on your residence or business while determining whether items are repairable or complete losses. Your public adjuster will aid you in coordinating needed services like structural engineers, appliance and electronic technicians, and cleaning restoration experts. They will also make sure all paperwork is correctly submitted to your insurer to keep your claim dispute free.

Wind and hail damage claims

Most standard homeowner's insurance policies cover wind and hail damage. Extreme winds can damage roof shingles, blow the siding of your dwelling, snap tree branches that cause damage to your fence or house, and more. Hail is also often responsible for damaging roofing materials, breaking windows, and creating indentions in the siding on your home. Wind and hail can cause extensive property damage in a very short time. A qualified public adjuster will arrange the temporary repairs required to protect your property from additional damages once the storm has passed, like installing a tarp on your damaged roof or siding to protect the interior of your dwelling from potential water damage.

Even if you are not sure whether your home has suffered wind or hail damage from a severe storm, it is vital to contact a public claims adjuster. They usually provide a cost-free evaluation to identify any damage the storm may have caused to your house and other property and help you file a claim if one is required. They will review any property damage with the staff adjuster assigned to your claim by your insurance company to represent your interests and make sure nothing is overlooked in the property damage claim. You can count on your public adjuster to use their industry experience to negotiate the best settlement possible within your policy limits.

These are only a few of the property claims in central Florida that our reputable public adjusters can handle. Contact us today for more information and a free consultation.

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