Reasons You Might Regret Failing to Hire a Public Claims Adjuster

Reasons You Might Regret Failing to Hire a Public Claims Adjuster

When a catastrophe strikes, time is literally of the essence. The initial 48 hours are critical. In some circumstances, you talk with your insurance company, and they inform you a loss adjuster will be meeting with you to specify the damage. At this moment, you believe you are protected and are good to go. But are you really?

Loss and tragedy are overwhelming, and you often have more questions than solutions but communicate the wrong thing to the insurance company, and they may underestimate or reject your claim. When you are in the thick of everything, you might not comprehend the significance and necessity of hiring your own public loss adjuster for property claims in Orlando, FL.

There are numerous reasons you want to regard hiring a public adjuster, as you do not want to feel remorse when everything is eventually settled and you have recovered a minimal payout and are left covering restoration expenses out of pocket. Don't feel regret! Here are some reasons to work with a respected public claims adjuster:

The Insurance Loss Adjuster is Not Really on Your Side

When you, the policyholder, create a claim with your insurer, they may work with an independent claims associate or assign one of their adjusters on staff to your claim. While the casualty adjuster may not work for the insurance company directly, they still usually favor the insurance company. While loss adjusters should be unbiased, keeping the settlement fees as low as possible is in their best interest. Unfortunately, this eventually results in a substantial decrease in your compensation payout. Most of the time, the funds you obtain from your insurance company will not even start to cover the damage or the restorations to pre-loss conditions.

Why You Should Employ A Public Loss Adjuster

First, working with an adjuster is no expense to you. We're paid out of the extra settlement we obtain to help you restore to pre-loss condition.

Second, unlike insurance company adjusters, our public adjusters portray the policyholder's best interests. As our customers, we always have your best interests in mind. The role of a public adjuster was created when the state of Florida recognized that the average homeowner and business owner were left at an unfair disadvantage regarding understanding their rights with insurance claims. When you lean on us, we provide balance to the system and can obtain a fairer settlement.

When recovering from a disaster or loss, the last thing you should worry about is navigating the insurance system alone. Some of the numerous benefits of employing a public adjuster are:

  • Saving time
  • Claims expertise
  • Quicker resolutions
  • A dependable partner on your side
  • Fair value claims and higher settlement payouts

It's not too late. We can assist at any stage from beginning to end, even in litigation or if a loss claim has previously been denied. Contact us today!

Can I Just Utilize the Insurance Company's Loss Adjuster?

You can, but on average, a public insurance adjuster will arrange 574% larger payments for a home or business owner than they would acquire if they made their claim independently. This is an incredible difference.

Contact us today for assistance with property claims in Orlando, FL.

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