The Distinction Between Public and Independent Insurance Claims Adjusters

The Distinction Between Public and Independent Insurance Claims Adjusters

People often wonder about the differences between public and independent adjusters for property claims in Central Florida. We enjoy helping you learn the difference between these distinctive insurance adjuster varieties.

Independent adjusters

Many think that independent and public adjusters are distinct labels for the same insurance specialist. Unfortunately, this is not the circumstance. However, a public insurance claims adjuster handling property claims in Central Florida is sometimes referred to as a private adjuster, so these representations typically mean the same if you were not already confounded. However, there is a substantial difference between independent and public adjusters, and it is critical to comprehend. Both adjusters do the same tasks of addressing or adjusting your property loss claim to determine a fair claim compensation payment based on your policy limits.

An independent adjuster, nonetheless, is hired by your insurance company. Despite the presence of 'independent' in their job designation, independent adjusters still represent the entity that employs them. Their most substantial goal is to convey the best interest of your insurance carrier. Independent adjusters are not required to represent your interests. Technically, they should represent the insured and insurance company. Still, the fact remains that they represent the company that pays them, which is your insurer or the claims firm they hire.

Knowing that an independent adjuster differs from a company adjuster is also helpful. Most insurers support adjusters on their permanent payroll named company or staff adjusters. Likewise, your insurance company uses independent adjusters to handle specific claims. They are usually workers of an independent adjusting firm hired by an insurance company. Independent adjusters are generally paid a percentage of the claim compensation.

Like all adjusters, an independent adjuster reviews your claim's particulars, examines your insurance policy, and decides on sufficient payment for your property loss claim. An independent adjuster's goal is to reimburse you the lowest amount they are required to pay based on your policy limitations.

Public adjusters

Public adjusters also perform for the person who pays them: you. A public adjuster aims to help policyholders with any insurance claims process intricacies. They are ready to help policyholders who have never filed a significant claim push through the process, especially when a considerable share of money is at stake. Your public adjuster guarantees you obtain the payment you deserve founded on your policy limits.

If you need help addressing a claim or think your insurance company's settlement offer is lacking, then hiring a public claims adjuster is wise. Once you employ a public insurance claims adjuster to handle property claims in Central Florida, they will take over most of the claims process and negotiate with your insurer or the independent adjuster they engaged to secure appropriate payment for your loss. Public adjusters may work alone or as a more prominent adjusting company associate. Still, your public adjuster won't labor for nothing. Instead, they typically assess a contingency fee based on a percentage of the settlement they earn for you.

We hope this helps you to better understand the distinctions between independent and public adjusters. So contact us directly for your free consultation, and let us help you.

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