Three Watercraft Property Loss Insurance Claims

Three Watercraft Property Loss Insurance Claims

No matter how frequently you take your craft out on open water, there is always the chance of an accident. In addition, different property loss claims for common damages are filed by boat owners regularly. Minimizing your risks and purchasing sufficient insurance coverage helps safeguard your bank account, assets, and investments as a boat owner. Our public insurance claims adjuster, experienced in property claims in Central Florida, explains these boat insurance claims and how to bypass them.


Objects you don't see frequently pose the most significant impairment hazard to your boat. Striking underwater objects is a common explanation for boat damage claims. In addition, immersed stones, buoys, coral beds, tree limbs, and floating debris pose a significant risk to ships. Bypass operating your craft after a storm comes through the area since they frequently leave devastation and residue floating in the water. Allow plenty of time for the trash and waves to push away from the shore before operating your craft for optimal security.

Storm damage

Weather damage is another common insurance claim filed by boat owners. Your craft can be knocked around and damaged by storms and hurricanes. Though it is impossible to prevent a storm, you can be adequately prepared for one. First, guarantee that your watercraft is sufficiently secured to sidestep moving and swaying waves to discourage it from repeatedly slamming into the port or shore. Some boat owners invest in lifts or suspension systems to safeguard vessels from susceptibility to dangerous waves and currents during extreme weather. You can install bumpers on the side of your craft to prevent chafing. Though they are not appealing to many people, they are ideal protection against impacts. Finally, consider pulling your vessel from the water and keeping it safely on land until the threat has passed if you know a storm is rolling in. You can usually avert expensive damage by spending some additional time relocating your ship to a protected location.


Boat owners are often targets of vandalism. Because most policyholders do not operate their vessels as frequently as their homes and automobiles, they are perfect marks for vandals. Sadly, people don't catch vandals in action in most situations. Therefore, your boat incurs costly damages from even a small act of vandalism. Keep your vessel well protected when not in service to prevent vandals from damaging it. If you cannot keep it well protected, you might consider installing a security system that chimes an alarm when someone gets on your craft. On many occasions, security systems like this are typically enough to deter vandals from damaging your property for fear of being noticed. Another wonderful alternative is to establish live stream video surveillance to help see what is happening on your boat when you are away. You can also stop vandalism by storing your ship in a facility with around-the-clock security and nearly impenetrable lock designs when it is not in service, especially during winter when boat vandalism is at its height.

These boat insurance claims are generally preventable, but a public insurance claims adjuster can help you with your property claims in Central Florida if your vessel is damaged. Contact us now for more information.

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