Types of Hurricane Damage

Types of Hurricane Damage

If you live in an area prone to hurricane damage, you should know the types of hurricane damage. If so, you've come to the right place. Hurricane Harvey is one of the worst natural disasters and is divided into five categories. It is divided into categories so the person will get an idea of hurricane damage and how to better prepare for natural disasters. Also, you can secure yourself before the storm comes knocking at your door with the right knowledge from a public insurance claims adjuster in central Florida. These are a few different types of hurricane damage you can plan for when a hurricane is headed your way.

Category 1 hurricane: very dangerous winds may produce some damage.

This category causes great danger, and the wind could damage buildings, tear the roofs, and put out the gutters. Also, it could damage trees, and branches could fall. It could cause injury to people and property as well. Hurricanes may also damage power lines and power sources, cutting off the power supply.

Category 2 hurricane: extremely dangerous winds may cause extensive damage.

Category 2 is more dangerous than category one because it has the potential to damage buildings and major portions of the roof. In this category, people may be injured because debris may fly through the air and hurt someone.
It could even damage trees and block roads. The power supply could be cut off, which is a bigger risk as the power loss could last for many days.

Category 3 hurricane: devastating damage may occur.

This category is more dangerous than the others because it could cause devastating damage. It could damage residential and commercial buildings. The wind is so strong that it could tear the roofs of the homes and damage the property. Trees also cause damage in this category, as they are uprooted, and the power supply becomes unavailable for many days. It could also have an impact on the water supply, as Hurricane Irma cut off water and power supplies in 2203 for up to a week.

Category 4 Hurricane: catastrophic damage may occur.

This is one of the most dangerous types of hurricanes because it could cause structural damage to buildings. The buildings will lose walls as well as roofs. People could be seriously injured in this type of hurricane because of flying debris, which could knock down large trees and cut off power. It could result in water shortages and power outages lasting several weeks or even months.

Category 5 Hurricane: catastrophic damage may occur.

This is one of the most dangerous types of hurricanes, which could cause destruction and leave nothing behind after this hurricane. It could destroy buildings and properties completely. Everything will be destroyed, even roads, after this hurricane. In addition to producing a lack of water and power, this hurricane is expected to remain in the area for several weeks or even months.
Hurricanes are undoubtedly one of the most dangerous natural disasters that can cause property damage and loss of life. Once you understand more about what each hurricane category means, you can then prepare yourself for the potential damage to your home, hopefully preventing them from occurring.

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