Understanding Pre-existing Damage when Dealing with Property Claims

Understanding Pre-existing Damage when Dealing with Property Claims

While insurance companies will most likely not cover pre-existing damage claims with their policies, it doesn't mean you can't get insurance. However, it isn't as simple as just accepting the policy given to you. There is a lot to understand about pre-existing damages when you are dealing with property claims.

For starters, your insurance claim can be denied due to pre-existing damages. However, that doesn't mean there isn't a chance of only the claim dealing with the pre-existing damages is the only part that's denied. That being said, you do have the option of challenging the finding of pre-existing damages being the result for the claim denial. Furthermore, a denial of a claim under these bases could be a tactic often used to delay or deny a claim all together. This is often the method insurance companies use to force insured clients into a settlement that isn't favorable to them. However, this can lead you to challenge the claim with the advocacy of our public insurance claims adjuster in Orlando, FL.

What Can You Do?

Truthfully, pre-existing damage can be a troublesome roadblock. If your property suffered flood damage, and you failed to repair it to its original condition, insurance companies can claim difficulty proving future damages for claims. The pre-existing condition matters. That leads us to the point. What can you do?

Document Everything

Make sure you have pictures of your property, both before and after damages occurred. Also, you need to make sure that the insurance company has copies of these photos for their records. This will act as proof of future damage when you make a claim. This action alone can save you a world of trouble. If you have pre-existing damage in your photos, as long as that damage isn't the cause, future claims stand a better chance of succeeding.

This proof also protects you in legal situations where they may claim fraud on a claim. As long as you are able to prove the damage on the claim is legitimate, then it is harder to deny the claim. Which raises a very important point.

Perform Preventative Maintenance – and Keep Receipts

In order to ensure that your claim is approved, make sure you are maintaining your property correctly. Limit the chances of damage as much as possible. Keep clutter and debris clear. Make sure that your property remains in healthy shape and safe conditions. This way, you cannot be denied for any loophole tactics that claim your lack of care was a result of claimed damage.

Pre-existing Damage is a hassle and should always be tended to. If you fix any pre-existing conditions, make sure you inform your insurance companies immediately and provide evidence of the fixes. This will serve you well in future claims. If you want to challenge a claim with your insurance company, trust our public insurance claims adjuster in Orlando, FL to help you from the start. Contact the experts at Ultra Property Damage to hear more about our services today!

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