What You Should Know about Property Claims Insurance Adjusters

What You Should Know about Property Claims Insurance Adjusters

Homeowners trust that their property is protected by their insurance policy. When you have a homeowners’ insurance policy, you can protect your property from any potential accidents or damages that may occur. This is especially common when you live in areas susceptible to inclement weather, like hurricanes or tropical storms in Florida. As you file your property claims in central Florida, you want to trust that your claim is in the right hands. Hiring a property claims insurance adjuster is the best way to have an advocate on your side. These are a few things you should know when you work with an insurance adjuster.

What is an insurance adjuster?

A property claims adjuster is a specialized insurance inspector who looks at property damage, like wind or flood damage to a commercial or residential building and estimates how much an insurance company should pay based on certain policy terms.

As a property claims adjuster, you have to talk to the policyholder and other witnesses to the damage, look into the damage, and look over other records. For example, you could talk to engineers and lawyers to figure out how big the claim is. Then you write a report and give it to an examiner, whose job it is to decide whether a claim is valid or not.

 How do we work for you?

The main goal of an insurance adjuster is to keep the amount of loss as low as possible for their client. When a policyholder makes a claim, the insurance company usually sends an adjuster to look into the claim and decide how much to pay in settlement.

These adjusters work for the insurance company and try to ensure that the company loses as little money as possible. Claimants can turn down this offer and hire a public adjuster to help them get the most money possible from the insurance company.

How do we maximize your compensation?

Your insurance company owes you the amount that a reputable and experienced contractor would charge you to do the work needed to get your home back to how it was before the loss.

Many insurance companies use "Xactimate," a computer program that estimates the cost of replacing a home, and "guideline pricing" to figure out how much materials and labor should cost. But an estimate made by a qualified, local, licensed, and bonded contractor who has seen the damage and looked at information about the building before the damage is usually the most reliable way to settle a claim.

How can I prepare for the insurance adjuster?

Take pictures before your insurance adjuster comes out, and make sure that you do not move anything.

Your insurance company may hire a company to clean and store your belongings while your property is restored. They'd usually pay them out of your insurance payout for your belongings. People often disagree about whether broken things can get fixed and cleaned or if it would be better to buy new ones.

By understanding what to expect when you work with an insurance adjuster, you can prepare for the property claims process and position yourself for a more favorable outcome. If you are looking for an adjuster to work with you through your property claims in central Florida, contact Ultra Property Damage to hear more today.

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