When to File a Property Claim for Damages to Your Home

When to File a Property Claim for Damages to Your Home

There is a lot to consider when you are thinking about filing property claims in Orlando, FL through your insurance for damages your home or property has endured. One of the most important facts you need to keep in mind is that not everything will be covered by your insurance. When you are risking a increase in your premium, you should make sure your insurance will cover the damages that were received.

The fact is that your CLUE (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange) report will hold as many as 7 years’ worth of claims history. This will help the insurance companies decide how likely you are to file a claim. Here is when it is appropriate to file a homeowner's insurance claim.

Necessary Reasons for Filing a Claim

If you are having a hard time deciding whether a claim should be filed, use this rule of thumb, when peril strikes and your property receives extensive damage, that is when you need to file a claim. The main three reasons why you should file a homeowner's insurance claim are:

Repair/Replacement Costs Exceed Your Deductible

Put simply, if a covered loss occurs that is accompanied by expensive replacement or repair costs, then it would be wise to involve your insurer. For example: If you sustain $10,000 worth of damage, but your deductible is only $3,000, then you need to file a claim. Not only is it worth it, but it is prudent. That being said, make sure you are aware of what disasters and damages your homeowner's insurance will cover before you file a claim.

Damage is Significant or You Suffer a Total Loss

If your house has been rendered uninhabitable, you absolutely have to file a claim. This is mainly what homeowner's insurance is made for. A loss suffered during an unexpected accident or incident can be so great that a house is unlivable.

Your Claim History Has No Recent Activity

Statistics tend to reveal that once someone files a claim with their insurance company, they are likely to file more in the future. Thanks to CLUE Reports, insurers are able to determine what to charge for a premium if they even cover you to begin with. Even if you are adamant about paying your premium on time each month, the risk isn't always worth the profit to the insurance companies. If you haven't filed a claim in the last 3 years, then don't be afraid to file one. If you meet the other criteria, and you need to make a claim, make sure you try to space your claims out.  

When you are ready to file property claims in Orlando, FL, you want to trust the right professionals to advocate for you during this process. Our team of insurance adjusters is here to work with the policyholder to ensure that everything runs smoothly and you get the compensation you need to cover damages and losses.

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