Checklist To Protect Your Home While Vacationing

Checklist To Protect Your Home While Vacationing

You have packed your suitcases and boarded your pets. All prepared to hit the highway? Not so fast! Leaving your home in disarray can rob you of your calm spirit when you come home and might even attract pests. So while it's comforting to walk into your home from a cleanliness perspective, you also want to guarantee your house and belongings are safeguarded while you're away.

That's why our public insurance claims adjuster in Orlando, FL, created this checklist of things to take care of before you depart. As a result, 'Future you' will be pleased when you return to an uncluttered, safe home.


Think about what may create unpleasant smells or cleanliness troubles while you're away: Empty your dishwasher, take out your trash, and clean out your fridge — anything approaching its expiration date should be consumed, frozen, or discarded. Stock up on a few pantry staples for a fast meal when you get home, but keep bags or boxes sealed to ward off pests. Double-check that your appliances, such as your oven and stove, are off, and unplug little ones (like your toaster and coffee maker) to prevent a possible fire.

Laundry room

Run your last load of laundry, so you're not welcomed by stinky towels or workout clothes in your hamper, but also be sure not to leave it wet in your washer. Then, confirm the dryer load is thoroughly dry and that your machine isn't on an automated mode that will turn endlessly while you're away. Finally, ensure you haven't accidentally left your favorite sweater to hang dry instead of tucked in your carry-on.


Wash your sheets and make your bed so you can jump right in if you get home late. Place your jewelry box and other valuables out of view — in a safe is the best bet — in case your home is broken into. Close and lock windows, even if you normally leave them open on the second floor.


Give an extra twist to all your water fixtures (sink, tub, shower) so a little drip doesn't become a big problem. Flush the toilet one more time, so nothing festers. Finally, confirm that all your essential toiletries are packed — like a toothbrush, prescriptions, and sunscreen.


Make sure any bill due while you're away is paid. While you're at it, inform your credit card company you'll be traveling so they don't deny any charges. Unplug the computer, chargers, printer, router, and other devices to reduce the risk of an electrical fire. Don't leave passwords or other codes and financial details visible.


Turn down your water heater to save on heating expenses. Lock interior doors. Check that the outdoor fridge and freezer are sealed securely.


Set your sprinklers on automatic mode. Then, mount an exterior camera that employs motion sensors to trigger lights. Finally, mow the lawn and trim bushes so your home won't look overgrown while you're gone.

Use this checklist to protect your home while you go on vacation. Then, contact us today if you need a public claims adjuster in Orlando, FL. We are here to help.

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