Frequently Asked Questions About Property Damage Claims

Frequently Asked Questions About Property Damage Claims


Property damage claims can be overwhelming and confusing, especially for those who have never experienced them before. You may be unsure of your rights, the damage assessment process, and what to do next. This is why we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about property damage claims to help guide you through the process. Whether you’re dealing with a flooded basement or a car accident, it’s important to know what steps to take to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. 


1) What is covered by a property damage claim?

Most property damage claims cover damage to the insured's property caused by a specific covered hazard such as fire, hail, wind, or water damage. Policies differ, so it's important to review your policy to see what's covered. For example, a basic policy may cover only the structure itself, while a comprehensive policy may cover the structure and its contents. 

2) How do I file a property damage claim?

Start by reviewing your insurance policy to see the specific steps you need to follow. Then, document the damage by taking photos, videos, and writing down a description of the damage. Finally, contact your insurance company to start the claim process. You may need to provide additional documentation, so be sure to ask what you need to submit. 

3) Do I need to hire a loss adjuster?

You don't have to hire a loss adjuster, but it's highly recommended. A loss adjuster is an independent insurance specialist who can help assess the full extent of your damages and ensure that you receive the maximum compensation owed to you from your insurance policy. A loss adjuster can save you time, stress, and potentially increase your payout. 

4) How long does the property damage claim process take?

The timeline of a property damage claim depends on the severity of the damage, complexity of the claim, and how quickly you provide documentation. It's important to note that insurance companies have timelines in which they must respond, so review your policy to understand the deadlines. While some claims can be fairly straightforward and resolve in a few weeks, others may take months or more. 

5) Can I still file a property damage claim if I didn’t report the damage right away?

It’s always best to report damage as soon as possible. Most insurance policies require that you report damage within a certain timeframe. Failure to report damages in a timely manner can cause your claim to be denied. However, some insurance companies may be understanding if you have extenuating circumstances such as being away from your home when the damage occurred. 



Understanding the property damage claim process can be complex and it’s important to have an expert on your side. If you’re dealing with property damage, the team at Ultra Property Damage, loss adjusters in Orlando, FL, can provide a free consultation and help guide you through the process to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation owed to you from your insurance policy. Remember to review your insurance policy, document the damages, and act quickly to ensure a smooth claims process.

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