Handling Storm Damage: Tips for Proper Fence installation and Repair

Handling Storm Damage: Tips for Proper Fence installation and Repair


Storms are inevitable forces of nature that can wreak havoc on our homes, and fencing systems aren’t spared either. The winds, hail, and rain can cause severe damage, loosening posts, breaking boards, and tearing down the fence system entirely. Fixing such damage requires proper knowledge and expertise, and this is why you need to hire professional fence contractors to handle your fence installation and repair. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with tips for proper fence installation and repair after storm damage and help you protect your home and reconstruct your fence system effectively.


Tip 1: Assess the Damage

The first step in handling fence storm damage is to assess the extent of destruction. Depending on the type of fence you have, you may experience different kinds of damages. For example, hurricanes might cause more harm to a wooden fence because the winds will pull the trees down, causing them to fall on the fence. It's crucial to check for any bends or fractures, especially on the components that hold the fence together like screws, nails, and hinges, and note them down in detail. This information is essential because it will help the fence contractors decide the best approach to fix the fence system effectively.

Tip 2: Hire Professional Fence Contractors

Fence installation, and repair after storm damages should never be a DIY project. You need to hire professional fence contractors to ensure that the fence system is correctly installed or repaired to withstand any future storm damages. Fence contractors have the right tools and expertise to handle the job safely and efficiently. Additionally, professionals guarantee high-quality service that supports your fence system’s long-lasting durability.

Tip 3: Choose the right Materials

When it comes to fence repair or installation, you need to choose the right materials that suit your fencing system’s style and functionality. If you have a wooden fence, you need to consider materials that are lightweight and easy to install while providing the strength and durability that can withstand future storm damages. Steel posts are the best option for wooden fences because of their strength and resistance to harsh weather conditions. You can also consider a PVC fence as it can resist the wind and the sun's damaging UV rays and require minimal maintenance.

Tip 4: Reinforce weak points

Once you've assessed the damage and hired fence contractors, the next step is to reinforce weak points in the fencing system. Adding extra braces to weakened areas, like sagging or dented posts and fasteners, can significantly improve the fence stability and prevent further damages. Moreover, fence contractors can use specially designed fences like the hurricane-resistant fence system to reconstruct your fence to withstand future storm damages.

Tip 5: Fence Maintenance

After your fence has been successfully repaired or is newly installed, it is essential to keep it well-maintained. Regular fence maintenance involving painting, staining or sealing can help your fence stay in great condition and prevent damages. Fence contractors can provide you with a regular maintenance schedule to follow, including trimming trees or removing overgrown shrubs around the fence, which can cause damages if left unchecked.



Storm damages to fence systems can be frustrating and costly. But with the proper installation and repair tips provided in this blog post, you can rest assured that your fence system will be safely and efficiently reconstructed to withstand the next storm. Remember, always hire professional fence contractors like Masters Quality Fence to handle your fence installation and repair needs, and choose the right materials to ensure durability and longevity. With the right tools, knowledge, and expertise, you can give your fence system the care and maintenance it deserves, which will make your investment worthwhile. Contact Masters Quality Fencey today to get a free quote.

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