Insurance Policyholder Duties After a Loss

Insurance Policyholder Duties After a Loss


Insurance policies are a safety net that helps you protect your valuable assets in the event of an unexpected loss. However, there are several post-loss duties that you, as a policyholder, must fulfill to ensure a smooth claims process. Making a claim can be a daunting experience, and not adhering to your duties as a policyholder can lead to delays, complications, or even a denied claim. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at your policyholder duties after a loss.


Provide timely notice of the loss

Once you've experienced a loss, you should notify your insurance company as soon as possible. The policy usually has specific guidelines on how long you have to report the loss. Failing to do so can jeopardize your claim. Make sure you provide accurate and detailed information about the loss, including the date, cause, and extent of the damage.

Protect your property from further damage

As a responsible policyholder, you have a duty to protect the damaged property from further loss. This includes taking steps to minimize the damage like covering exposed areas, boarding up damaged windows, and turning off electricity or water supply if necessary. Keep receipts of any expenses you incur in protecting your property, as the insurance company may reimburse you for reasonable and necessary costs.

Cooperate with the insurance company

You have a duty to cooperate with your insurance company's investigation of the loss. This includes providing access to damaged property, providing documentation as requested, and submitting to an examination under oath (EUO), if required. Failure to cooperate can result in a denied claim, so it's in your best interest to be responsive and honest.

Maintain records and documentation

Keep all relevant documentation organized and safe. This includes your insurance policy, photographs of the damage, receipts, and any communication with the insurance company. Having all the necessary documents readily available can make the claims process faster and easier.

Get professional help

Dealing with a loss can be overwhelming, especially if it's a complex situation. It's always a good idea to hire a public adjuster or an attorney to help you navigate the claims process. These professionals can review your policy, negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf, and ensure that you receive the fair compensation you deserve.



Insurance policyholder duties after a loss must be taken seriously to avoid complications in the claims process. Make sure you provide timely notice of the loss, protect your property from further damage, cooperate with the insurance company, maintain the necessary records, and get professional help. At Ultra Property Damage, we are your trusted public claims adjusters in central Florida. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us help you obtain the maximum recovery for your loss.

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