Making the Most of Your Insurance Claim: Negotiating with Your Insurer

Making the Most of Your Insurance Claim: Negotiating with Your Insurer


You’ve just suffered a major loss due to a natural disaster or an unexpected accident. After filing your insurance claim and waiting for the results, you find that the settlement offered by your insurer is not enough to cover all of your losses. Many people don’t realize that they have the right to negotiate with their insurer. Let’s take a look at why it pays to negotiate with your insurer and how you can do it most effectively.

Why Negotiate?

Often, insurers will offer a settlement amount that is far below what is necessary to cover all of your losses. This could be because they are attempting to reduce their expenses or because they simply don’t understand the full extent of your losses. By negotiating with them, you can show them evidence of why more money is needed in order to fully compensate for the damages incurred. This could include receipts, photos, appraisals, and other relevant documents. If you provide enough evidence and make a compelling case, chances are good that they may increase their initial offer or even agree to fully cover all of your losses instead.

How To Negotiate Effectively

It helps if you know exactly what kind of coverage you have under your policy before beginning negotiations with your insurer. This way, you are sure that any agreement made between yourself and the insurer will fall within the scope of coverage provided by your policy. It also helps if you come prepared with supporting documents such as repair estimates and receipts so that there is no dispute over whether or not something should be covered under your policy. Lastly, make sure that you remain professional throughout the entire negotiation process as this ensures that both parties can come away from it feeling like they were treated fairly and respectfully.



Negotiating with an insurance company can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! With some knowledge about how insurance works and some preparation on what documents need to be presented in order to get a better settlement amount, anyone can successfully negotiate with their insurer and get fair compensation for their losses. If you are seeking public claims adjuster in Orlando, Florida, contact Ultra Property Damage today! We specialize in helping customers get fair settlements from their insurers after suffering property damage or loss due unforeseen circumstances!

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