Protecting Your Home from Lightning Damage

Protecting Your Home from Lightning Damage

Lightning storms are a common occurrence in Orlando, and they can cause serious damage to homes if precautions aren’t taken. Understanding how lightning works and how to protect your home from it is essential for keeping your family safe during a thunderstorm. Let’s take a look at the science behind lightning and some of the steps you can take to protect your home. 


How Lightning Strikes 

Lightning is essentially an electrical discharge between two charged clouds or between a cloud and the ground. When lightning strikes, it takes the path of least resistance—which means that it will often travel through metal objects like poles, wires, pipes, or antennas before entering a home. To prevent this from happening, it’s important to make sure that any exposed metal objects in or around your home are grounded properly. 


Lightning Protection Systems 

One way to protect your home from lightning damage is to install a lightning protection system. These systems work by creating an air gap between the building and the ground by using special conductors that are designed to channel any electrical current away from your home. Once installed, these systems should be inspected regularly to ensure that all parts are functioning correctly. 


Yard Maintenance 

Another way to help protect your home from lightning damage is to keep up with regular yard maintenance. Trimming trees near power lines and removing dead limbs helps minimize the risk of fires caused by lightning strikes. Additionally, keeping gutters clean prevents water buildup on the roof which can lead to leaks in heavy rains or during storms with high winds. 


Lightning storms can be dangerous and destructive, but taking certain precautions can help minimize their effects on your home. By installing a lightning protection system, practicing regular yard maintenance, and inspecting exposed metal objects for proper grounding, you can greatly reduce the risk of significant damage due to lightning strikes in Orlando. Have you experienced a lightning damage recently? Contact Ultra and let us assist you on your property claims today.

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