How to Handle Partial Insurance Claims After a Storm

How to Handle Partial Insurance Claims After a Storm

Natural calamities, such as hurricanes, storms, or floods, not only cause significant damage to your property but also leave you in a state of confusion when it comes to filing an insurance claim. Insurance claims procedures can be complicated, and partial insurance claims add to the difficulty. In a partial insurance claim, your insurer may accept only partial responsibility for the damage to your property. To ease the process of handling partial insurance claims after a storm, we have put together a guide for you.


1. Understand your insurance policy

Before submitting your insurance claim, you must read your policy thoroughly to understand the terms and conditions of your policy. Knowing the limits of your insurance coverage gives you an idea of what expenses are covered under your policy. You must also be aware of any exclusions or deductibles.

2. Document the damage caused

Document the damage thoroughly, i.e., take photographs, videos, and notes of every item damaged as a result of the storm. This information will help you in filing the claim and will be proof of the damage caused to your property. Save all the receipts and invoices of items you replace or repair.

3. Contact your insurance company

Once you have documented the damage caused, contact your insurance company immediately to report the loss and claim compensation. Share all the information and documentation of the damaged property with the insurance adjuster. It is advisable to get an estimate of the damage caused by an independent contractor.

4. Know your rights

Many insurance companies tend to delay or deny the claims or do not pay the full amount, citing various reasons. It is your right as a policyholder to contest such actions, hire an insurance claims adjuster and fight for the compensation you deserve. An experienced insurance claims adjuster can help you negotiate a better deal and secure maximum compensation for your loss.

5. Work with a Reliable Insurance Claims Adjuster

If you are exhausted from handling the insurance claim process, hiring an insurance claims adjuster can take the weight off your shoulders. A knowledgeable claims adjuster will fight for the compensation that you deserve and handle all aspects of the claim process on your behalf.



Handling a partial insurance claim process after a storm can be quite daunting, especially when you're dealing with property damage on top of anxiety from the aftermath of the storm. However, by following the above steps mentioned, fact-finding and negotiating with your insurance company will be more accessible. Remember, having a reliable insurance claims adjuster on your side can take a lot of the confusion and stress out of the claim process, they work for you, not the insurance company. If you have suffered any damage to your property and are struggling to file a claim, contact an experienced insurance claims adjuster today to help you receive the compensation you deserve. 

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